Slip and Fall Injuries

Worker Man Lying On Staircase

Slip and fall injuries can happen to anyone, but especially the elderly and those who do manual labor. Taking precautions to avoid suffering from a slip and fall are necessary: watch your step and avoid stepping over any items in your path, take notice of “wet floor” signs, and use handrails when available. Slip and fall injuries typically happen suddenly because of unexpected circumstances, including:

  • spills
  • uneven ground or flooring
  • faulty stairs
  • puddles
  • patches of ice

Slip and fall describes a broad set of injuries that occur from a slip, trip, fall, or loss of balance. Injuries resulting from a slip and fall can appear on any part of the body. The most common types of slip and fall injuries that require treatment are:

  • nerve damage
  • spinal injury (herniated disc)
  • joint injury (knee, wrist, shoulder, ankle)
  • torn muscles and ligaments
  • neck and head injuries (concussion, whiplash)
  • bone fractures

Chiropractic is one of the best options for slip and fall injury treatment, because Doctors of Chiropractic examine the body as a whole, and don’t merely focus on where the symptoms are. Treatment from an chiropractor can include advanced imaging to confirm your injury, spinal and/or extremity manipulation, whiplash treatment, stretching/strengthening affected areas, and more. Furthermore, chiropractic treatment greatly reduces the risk that the injuries sustained will not become a problem years down the road.

Slip and fall injuries occur suddenly and are always surprising to the injured person; they are never expected. What you can expect is to receive the best slip and fall injury treatment from your chiropractor at Gulf Coast Sport & Spine.